integrating a multicultural message within your communications strategy

The integration of multicultural marketing in a global marketing strategy is essential today. Communication campaigns must be inclusive in order to allow different ethnicities to recognize themselves in the image and values disseminated by today’s major brands. Increasing the marketing budget will not help. The key is to have a more targeted and direct approach to gain the trust of these customers.

How do you develop a more target yet inclusive approach?

Multicultural marketing requires an approach that aims to develop a business by investing in research and studies of these types of consumers. Just as a generalized consumer profile is well known to marketing departments, multicultural marketing requires more in-depth research into consumption patterns in order to know how to market its product(s) in an authentic way to a specialized audience.

Targeting a minority audience

It is of course possible to launch marketing campaigns in the languages of these new targets. It is also important to facilitate their conversion into customers with the support of a multilingual customer service. It is also important to set up partnership programs with ecosystems relevant to your market. However, the most important thing is to have a team that understands the audience you intend to engage with.

What is the advantage of working with a multicultural team?

Experienced multilingual and multicultural teams know the consumer habits of their community, the intricacies of their identity, their customs, beliefs, traditions and experiences. These people guarantee the authenticity and tone of your message. They ensure that your communications and your overall brand message is not out of sync and is not taken in a different way.

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