Understanding cultural differences and leveraging local influencers

It’s easy to imagine that with the advent of digitalization and the Internet, borders no longer exist. However, if physical barriers have fallen, cultural borders persist, differentiating the way of seeing, thinking and consuming from one country to another. To succeed in a marketing strategy abroad, it is important to understand the cultural singularities of each country, so as to adjust one’s strategy to best target the target population.

Internationalization: the impact of local cultures on marketing.

Each country has its own culture. This culture influences the way people express themselves, their taboos and their customs. If certain things seem normal in one country, they may be offensive in another. For this reason, it is important to take into account cultural differences, to assimilate and understand them in order to succeed in an influencer marketing campaign.

Cultural understanding, one less barrier

International marketing includes a part of psychology and sociology that must be taken into account. As an example, the launch of Puma’s Emirati flag sneakers was a real flop, since contrary to Western culture, wearing your flag on your feet is closer to an offense than a sign of patriotism. In some Western countries, such as the United States, this fashion has, on the contrary, been all the rage.

We also note the differences in dress. In Asia, even slight necklines are considered vulgar, but shorts and skirts can be as short as possible.
Exporting your product abroad, the interest of local influencers. Choosing local influencers for an influencer campaign is often the most relevant option.

A mastery of the culture and social codes

As mentioned above, culture is governed by social and moral codes, which can be difficult to assimilate unless you live in the country. Language, slang, way of thinking and reflection, the local influencer allows a quick and direct contact, more immersive in the social codes that the target customers know and reproduce.

Identification of prospects with the influencer. 

Identification is a crucial element in the process of transforming a prospect into a customer. The customer must feel that you are interested in him, and he must find himself in your products, your ethics or your strategy. Each common point is a lever to be activated to promote customer engagement. Through a known influencer, customers can more easily project themselves, interact and identify with the product or experience proposed.

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