Marketing to a Multicultural Diaspora: How to Reach Immigrants and their Descendants in the Host Country

For several years now, we have been witnessing the emergence of a new global economic center of gravity. Globalization and current customs have given rise to a cultural melting pot, especially in the West. In successive waves due to various reasons, some countries have welcomed immigrants. Today, these immigrants and their descendants are an integral part of the culture of their host country, while sometimes retaining their original heritage.
In marketing, this population represents an interesting segment. But how to effectively reach them? We share with you everything you need to know.

Understanding cultural psychology

Not all immigrants are good customers or potential targets. Marketing should focus on one or two specific profiles.
The multicultural population is divided into four segments: Assimilated immigrants: they have quickly adopted the culture of the host country and do not want to stand out from the rest of the population. Asocial immigrants: they feel “marginalized” by society and have no attachment to any culture; they are often immigrants who have been forced to leave their country and are struggling financially. Assertive immigrants: they are proud of their origins and hold on to the heritage of their forefathers, no matter what. Bi-cultural immigrants: they maintain a sense of belonging to their culture of origin, but also to their host culture.

Assessing the potential of the diaspora

With this segmentation in mind, it is necessary to target the right immigrant profiles. Assimilated people and anti-social immigrants are not necessarily a very interesting profile to target. It is better to focus on the other two categories that represent a better buying potential.

Capitalize on “back home” nostalgia

Now, you are targeting the ethnic and bi-cultural population. To reach these immigrants, as well as their descendants, you must give your brand, product or service a note of nostalgia.
You need to give them the feeling of “coming home”.

Use the right communication channels

To reach these populations, you need to use various communication channels such as social networks, but also billboards in neighborhoods known to host a density of immigrants.

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