Marketing in the multicultural gig economy: how to connect with freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds

Working as a freelancer or auto-entrepreneur has grown significantly in recent years. Thanks to simplified regimes and statutes designed for self-employed workers, the Gig Economy represents a more flexible and economically interesting way of working.
The gig economy concerns nearly a third of the working population in the United States. In the United Kingdom, 5 million jobs, flexible and temporary, are concerned by the gig economy. But like any target, getting in touch with freelancers is not the same as getting in touch with companies.

Targeting the needs of freelancers and micro businesses

Every marketing campaign starts by targeting the needs of its customers. To contact and sell to freelancers or micro-businesses, it is important to understand the issues related to these statuses. This is necessary to create a commercial discourse and a campaign to present an interesting solution.

The needs of freelancers and micro entrepreneurs are diverse and varied. However, the main common point is the management of their work. Several elements come up often, such as:
accounting ;
prospecting ;
administrative matters related to their activity.

Determining the communication network

The communication network plays a key role in connecting with freelancers. LinkedIn is the ideal platform. The social network dedicated to the world of work is certainly the best way to reach this type of target customer. By establishing a good communication strategy on the platform, it will be easier to expand your network and reach a large number of freelancers.

Getting in touch

The last lever in the process is to get in direct contact with the freelancers. This can be done in many ways. The mailing campaign remains the most popular because of its high opening and conversion rate.

The preparation of a good commercial speech is essential before any contact. This one must be direct and identify the target customer to identify his needs. Don’t hesitate to emphasize the benefits that the freelancer or self-employed person can get from your product to solve their current problems.

Finally, always accompany the message with a call to action to encourage the response rate. Don’t forget that an engaged discussion greatly increases the chances of a sale!

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