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Diwali Festival in New York City
Objective: To sustained the brand’s positioning of “Taste of Togetherness” by making Asian Indians in the U.S. feel at home. The multi-phase campaign included ATL and BTL tactics that engaged the community during the most celebrated time of Diwali, from flash mobs at branded train stations and events, to social media engagement. This engagement culminated on the day of Diwali, in Times Square, where pictures of the community were displayed on screens, wishing everyone for the New Year.

The Results

Overall impressions at the Diwali Event

The Details

Key Insight

Diwali, the festival of lights, is India's biggest and most important holiday of the year. Among immigrants especially, it remains an important part of the shopper calendar with earmarked budgets for family and community gatherings, the exchange of gifts and larger ticket items such as cars or furniture.

As South Asian culture continues to grow in the U.S., many consumer industries are flourishing in the community’s desire for more authentic Indian lifestyle products and events.

Embracing and celebrating the South Asian culture and the element of diversity it brings to the U.S. is one of Brooke Bond and Unilever’s biggest objectives as a brand.

One key element of the Unilever brand is its foundation on tea being a large part of the social framework for many Asian Indians, Brooke Bond reconnects consumers to their roots in U.S. by providing a familiar feeling in the form of a warm cup of tea.

Times Square is amongst the most recognizable icons of American Life. Painting it, for the first time ever, in Diwali imagery and splashing photos of Indian families across the screens made it a proud day for Asian Indians. It embedded a wholly Indian celebration into an unmistakably American setting, symbolizing the “togetherness” of worlds and creating word-of-mouth advertising for Red Label.

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