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Xfinity International

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2017
Objective: To increase international on-demand content consumption by curating specific destinations within Xfinity’s X1 platform for customers to easily find trending content, special collections, and relevant recommendations.

The Results

Special Collections Curated
Increase in viewership Over 2016

The Details

Key Insight

Asian-American population are watching significantly less “live TV”. The important 18–34 demographic is watching the TV screen “live” only 62% of the time.

The American society has morphed from a melting pot into a cultural mosaic and today, minority segments, like Asian Americans, seek integration without surrendering their unique identities. If brands want to engage these audiences, it isn’t enough to skim the surface and translate general-market campaigns into ethnic ones.

A heightened level of cultural awareness and attention to detail is required. For Xfinity, it wasn’t enough to simply highlight content with Asian leads or cast. Rather, it had to show Asian American consumers that it truly understood the diverse kinds of content they consume and make it available to them all in one place. A deep cultural understanding was critical.

MIKADO helped Xfinity leverage their X1 platform to celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) by identifying cultural signifiers. Knowing that Asian Americans have a higher propensity for watching both Asian and American entertainment— such as Anime, K-Pop, the latest Asian and American entertainment news—content was grouped to highlight these preferences. The AAPIHM X1 menu resulted in a seamless mix of content that not only showcased a BTS (a K-Pop boy band) playlist but also spotlighted Asian American actors and their latest work. The merging of these seemingly disparate content was a reflection of the cultural complexities every Asian American can identify with. Each curated collection was meticulously chosen and was paired with a constantly changing menu for viewers to explore the AAPIHM offerings on X1.

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