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Nourishing Secrets








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To cut through the noise of a highly competitive and saturated body care market in Canada and launch Dove’s new Nourishing Secrets hand creams and body lotions, with the goal of increasing engagement among females and driving in-store sales.


Spends on in-home skincare were on the rise backed by an emerging trend in overall wellbeing and self-care. Additionally, the desire to lean on more natural products and ingredients gave way to further credibility for the products.


We launched our Beauty Rituals From Around the World campaign which engaged female customers through a number of mediums, including top Canadian Podcast sponsorships, where we incentivized engagement through a contest giveaway that reached close to 175,000 listeners. We complemented these efforts through Spotify (11.3 million unique Canadian visitors per month) with beauty ritual inspired playlists, audio ads, desktop, and app banner ads. Programmatic ads were used to further generate interest throughout the activation.

The cornerstone of the campaign was an online quiz. We worked with the brand to design a quiz that was less product specific, and more about helping consumers find their perfect body care ritual, matching them to specific products based on their answers. It also provided a more personalized and engaging customer experience.

Retail depletion was the KPI of this campaign, and customers were encouraged to purchase Dove products in-store once they found their perfect ritual after completing the online quiz. In-store POS and couponing helped win the last mile and aimed to leave consumers with a positive sentiment toward the brand, encouraging them to leave glowing reviews and drive further sales.

These combined efforts resulted in 5 million new potential customers having awareness of Dove’s new product offering, 75,000 quiz landing page visits, and 1.5 million impressions.