Love is Mom’s Cooking

Love is Mom’s Cooking






U.S., Canada, France, Belgium, Spain


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As one of the largest and most beloved food brands, we were tasked with developing a global creative campaign that was not only timeless but could crossover to multiple segments and product SKUs.

Our initial focus was to increase brand awareness for the Knorr Asian product line among Asian Americans and Canadians and later extended to the Halal consumer, launching their Knorr Halal line in France, Spain and Belgium. All segments later required a shift to accommodate the changing purchasing habits during Covid.


The basis of the campaign stemmed from the universal insight that food is often the ultimate expression of love and that every mom’s goal is for every meal she makes to be full of love and flavor. From there “Love is Mom’s Cooking” was born. To adapt the idea to the changing needs of the consumer during the pandemic, we pivoted towards a more inspiration-based approach, welcoming new-comers to the world of home cooking.

This was especially impactful as the East Asian culture continued to grow in the U.S. and Canada. Similarly with the growing North African and Middle Eastern diaspora in Europe, Knorr Halal was poised to fill a much-needed gap.


To invoke a change in consumer behavior, we put forth a social-first activation that delivered quick and easy recipes to those diving into the home cooking and looking to recreate restaurant quality dishes at home. Also recognizing that Covid had a devasting impact on families and emotions, especially during holidays when friends and family typically gather to celebrate, we ensured a presence during those key times. We reinforced consumers’ brand love with special touchpoints like an exciting contest during Ramadan and downloadable cookbook to increase brand engagement. Similarly, during Mother’s Day, we created appealing content including a heartwarming video and a children’s activity book to help consumers make unique memories despite challenging times.


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