Lunar Knorr Year

Lunar Knorr Year






U.S., Canada


Strategy Development 
Creative & Production
Media Planning & Buying 
– New Media: Digital, Social
– Traditional Media: TV 



To increase brand awareness for the Knorr Asian product line among Asian Americans and Canadians and speak to the product’s key value propositions in a way that resonated with Asian immigrant culture through their largest celebration, the Lunar New Year.


Asian Americans and Canadians carry on the tradition of gathering at a loved one’s home on Lunar New Year and the celebration is largely focused on sharing delicious foods and setting your intentions for a prosperous new year ahead. In recent years, many Asian Americans have opted to spend the Lunar New Year at their favorite local restaurants; a more modern tradition that is fast becoming the norm.


We set out to create a multi-channel approach that would create meaningful engagement among our key demographic around the largest celebration in Asian culture; Lunar New Year and cut through the noise of fierce competition during this high-traffic period.

We designed and produced an activation to “bring your favorite restaurant home”. Our heartwarming TV commercial featured a family bringing their favorite local restaurant flavors to their own dinner table using Knorr’s convenient and authentic products. The commercial speaks to the family-centric customs associated with Lunar New Year festivities but also to the ease of using Knorr’s dinner time options as a way to marry cultural traditions with modern conveniences, especially during the pandemic when many traditional celebrations had to be scaled back.

To ensure consistent message match and further position Knorr as a suitable and convenient option, the MIKADO team worked to develop new landing pages on the Knorr website that featured special Lunar New Year Asian recipes and cooking videos for inspiration as well as a special holiday sweepstakes with great prizes to further increase engagement.


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Platinum Award
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